Nonograms for iPad


Nonograms for iPad is an addictive Japanese puzzle game.

Much like Sudoku and other such puzzles, the goal is to fill cells

in a grid according to the provided hints.

Nonograms for iPad includes over 12,000 gripping puzzles developed by Atanas Georgiev, founder of These puzzles are what makes this app so great. Unlike other puzzles that are generated randomly, these puzzles use sophisticated algorithm to test for maximum enjoyability.

The puzzles included range in size from the simple 5x5 to the challenging 25x25.

The controls have been designed specifically for the iPad and are effortless to play: Simply choose what you want to do and drag your finger on the screen. To remove a mark from a cell, simply tap it


• 12,500 different puzzles designed by the awesome Atanas Georgiev, operator of, ensure that you will never run out of fresh puzzles

• Multiple undos and redos ensure that you can always recover from a recent mess up

• Currently played puzzle is always saved so you can resume it at a later time

• Beautiful graphics let you play in peace

• Turn sounds on and off

  1. Game timer keeps you engaged

  2. State indicator shows whether you’re in mark, ‘x’ or delete mode

  3. Auto-fill feature fills a complete row or column with 'x'. Very useful for larger puzzles

How to play:

Nonograms board is a square grid. Each cell on the grid can be either on or off.

The top and left edges of the grid contain hint numbers. The hints describe the chain of connected marked cells that appear in the row or column. For example, if the hints for a row is 3 2, it means that the row has three consecutive cells marked, followed by at least on non-marked cell, and the two consecutive marked cells.

The puzzle is solved when all the cells are filled-in correctly.

Use the 'X' to specify that a particular cell cannot be marked.

A whole new way to play Nonograms!

Nonograms iPad